Single Origin: Sumatra

Quality coffee with hint of tropical fruits, syrupy mouthfeels and complex profiles

Certification: Fair Trade Organic
Species: Arabica
Varietal: S.Linie, Tim-Tim (Gayo 1), Bourbon (Gayo2), Catimor
Processing method: Wet Hulled, Fully Washed

Growing notes:

The Gayo Highlands is a fertile area with volcanic soils, rolling hills and natural lakes. Most of the farms in this area intercrop with fruits, nuts and some cocoa. The coffee cherries are processed at farm level and then dried and sorted at the main cooperative drying mill. Their dedication is to qualify and improving the general position of coffee farmers in the area.


The Koperasi Permato Gayo Cooperative is an established quality driven cooperative in the Gayo Highlands. A number of villages produce the lots for Koperasi Permato Gayo. The mountainous area is one of cultural importance to the Gayo Highland tribes. In the past, premiums from Fairtrade have gone to the cultural centres to preserve the Gayo language and cultural practices.

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