About Us

The perfect cup of coffee, at home

‘Powered by coffee’ is how we often refer to ourselves, and we enjoy a coffee shop visit… but that can be an expensive habit!

And if you want to replicate the great taste of a coffee shop brew at home, it can be confusing if you're not yet a coffee connoisseur. 

So, we've kept it simple. 

We work closely with an independent coffee roaster in the UK, to source a range of fresh coffees for you to enjoy. They are the experts, and we trust them. 

We have also sourced a range of accessories, including an electric coffee grinder and range of brewing equipment, that's easy to use.

We offer a subscription service to help you maintain your coffee habit and enjoy regular, convenient deliveries straight to your door. You can choose from a monthly or bi-monthly delivery that includes our house blend plus an opportunity to try something new from a range of single-origin coffees from around the world.

If you prefer to manage your own supplies, you can order individual bags of coffee at any time.