Single Origin: Kenya Peaberry

Fine acidity, fruity and bold with a medium body and a distinctly earthy finish.

Certification: N/A
Varietal: Mixed
Processing method: Sorted, De pulped, wet fermentation, channelling, soaked, African bed drying.

Growing notes:

Pure Kenya Arabica beans from the Nyeri region grown 1200-1890 metres above sea level. The region is renowned for its lush fertile land, producing coffee, tea estates and bananas. Kenya’s has a main harvest, in October- December and the fly crop in from April-June.

These prized beans have to be specially separated from the crop in order for them to be collected and make up only around 5% of the total crop. To roast these Peaberry beans, a different approach has to be taken to allow for their round shape and density. A slower, more developing roast is generally used to match this.


Kenya cooperatives continue to produce some of the world's most elegant and distinctive coffees.

This rare coffee gets its name from the single pea-like bean that is produced, accounting for a very small portion of the crop, a rarity from the usual twin beans that are more commonly found. This enables the strength and flavour to be concentrated in this single bean, allowing for a more distinct and sweeter flavour.

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