Supporting Fairtrade Fortnight

At Zabu Coffee, we are proud to share the values of the Fairtrade Foundation. We always strive to source our coffees from ethical suppliers, so both people and the environment are treated fairly. 

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade is a global movement that links businesses, consumers and campaigners for the benefit of farmers and workers. Fairtrade in the UK is represented by the Fairtrade Foundation, a non-profit organisation. One way the Fairtrade foundation brings awareness about global Fairtrade issues is by hosting Fairtrade Fortnight, held from 25 February to 10 March 2019. Fairtrade opens doors for farmers and producers, so join Zabu Coffee in supporting the farmers and workers who produce our favourite foods and beverages. 

How does Fairtrade help farmers and producers?

All Fairtrade products and goods carry the easily identifiable Fairtrade logo, a mark that certifies fair trade practices. The certification and licencing standards include the setting of minimum prices and the rights of workers. The organisation works to increase public awareness of fair trade throughout the world in over 1,226 Fairtrade organisations in 74 countries. Fairtrade supported around 1.65 million farmers and producers in 2014/15, of which 26 percent were women.

How to support Fairtrade Fortnight

An easy way to support Fairtrade Fortnight would be to buy products like our  Colombia Huila, Costa Rica, and Rwanda Misozi Union coffee. Fairtrade coffee because you can be sure the farmer will be fairly paid. If you have already done so, tell everyone you did. Go to Twitter or Facebook and spread the word. Share pictures and short video clips of you and your friends drinking our delicious Fairtrade coffees. Use the tag #FairtradeFortnight. Use social media or simple word of mouth, to start to make a difference in lives of struggling farmers around the world.

If social media is not your thing, hold a breakfast, a lunch, or a dinner with friends or colleagues and serve Fairtrade foods and beverages. It is a great way to high light the issues faced by marginalised farmers in the developing world. The goal of fair trade coffee certification is to lift farming families from poverty.

Zabu Fairtrade Coffee

You can make a positive impact some of the most disadvantaged coffee growers in the world when you buy coffee from Fairtrade outlets. Support Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 and help farmers receive the best possible price at all times, and in the process ensure a better standard of living and better opportunities for themselves and families. 

Zabu Coffee is dedicated to providing a variety of top quality Fairtrade coffees, delivered regularly to your premises. You can view our full range of coffee, here.