Fresh coffee beans or ground coffee?

For coffee connoisseurs the world over, the question of whether fresh coffee beans are preferable over ground coffee is a big one.

While ground coffee is the more readily available commercial option, the desire for purchasing fresh coffee beans is increasing - which is why Zabu Coffee are in business!

Benefits of choosing fresh coffee beans over ground coffee

As soon as coffee beans are ground in preparation for making that precious cup of coffee, they begin to lose their freshness. This means, however tightly packed they may be when purchased, they'll already have lost that initial freshness and will continue to do so up until their point of brewing. Making the choice to buy fresh coffee beans and grind them yourself helps preserve this freshness. You can choose to only grind how much you need for each brew, saving the remainder and keeping the beans fresh.

Why does freshness matter?

There are two main noticeable differences between freshly ground and pre-packaged ground coffee. These are taste and fragrance, which for 'coffee snobs' happen to be two of the most important elements of a successful brew. Freshly ground coffee has an unmistakable fragrance - you can't beat it!

In addition, ground coffee simply loses its taste as it loses its freshness and eventually goes stale. The longer it stays as a bean, the more tightly packed that freshness.

Grinding coffee beans yourself offers more control & flexibility over brewing

By taking control of your own coffee grinding, you have the power to decide the fineness of the grind as well as how much or how little you need for each brewing situation. By only grinding a certain amount at a time, you preserve the freshness of future brews contained in the leftover beans.

Ease & convenience are the main reason for ground coffee's popularity

These clear positives may have you asking: why don't more people choose to grind their own coffee beans? The answer is quite simply that for many people coffee represents a quick and easy caffeine boost every morning/afternoon.

Furthermore, while the unmistakable taste and fragrance of fresh coffee probably matters a lot more to you if you're reading this, for others those things don't matter so much. The effort required to grind their own coffee beans is therefore outweighed by the ease with which they can simply purchase and enjoy already ground coffee. This is no bad thing; it simply shows how great coffee itself is, that it can appeal to so many people in different varieties and situations!

Choose Zabu Coffee for your fresh coffee needs

If good tasting and fragrant coffee are what matters most to you, Zabu Coffee can provide you with fresh coffee beans consistently via subscription. We're as passionate about quality coffee as you are! Subscribe today and join us in our around the world coffee adventure.